Maximise your returns and achieve extreme capital efficiency.

The crypto-kit was made to introduce you to the crypto-sphere. The kit tell you about Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies that are solving the problem of stagnation, centralisation, corruption, and censorship.

The kit will consist analysis of money flows and news on investments from institutions. You’ll also learn how to make a hedge fund & how to gain interest on your money in a decentralised way built on top of Ethereum. 

Briefly covered Regulations & Taxes and remind you how to stay safe online. Several phishing scams will be exhibited so you know one when you see one.

  • Money Flows

    - From FIAT to CRYPTO
    - Stablecoins vs CBDCs
    - From Banks to ETFs & Debt

  • Money Liquidity

    - Technical Analysis
    - On-Chain Analysis
    - Fundamental Analysis

  • Money Zapping

    - Buy / Sell Crypto
    - Top DeFi Applications

  • Earning Interest

    Top Sources on Intel -
    Stake / Save / Borrow / Lend -
    DeFi Interest Yielding Startegies -

  • Regulations & Taxes

    Countries with 0% TAX -
    Universal Crypto TAX 2021 -

  • Staying Safe

    Hardware Wallet -
    Virus, Hacks & Phishing -
    Hot-Wallet vs Cold-Wallet -